AJPM Broadway

1939 NE Broadway St. Portland,Oregon 97232 503-282-0332

Will & Anna - Owners After a few years learning the business at the downtown Portland and Tigard stores, an opportunity arose to take over an existing coin shop in northeast Portland. The new AJPM - Broadway store (formerly Bradley's Coins) was a project Will and his wife Anna poured their hearts into and are proud to call their own. When Will is away from the shop he loves to hit the trails to go hiking and camping. Will is also a long time devotee of the martial arts and teaches a class in Tae Kwon Do.  It wasn't part of the plan when Anna and Will got married for them to work together selling coins and bullion. Anna is a trained artist specializing in oils, pastels, pen and ink, and graphite drawing. Working at AJPM - Broadway is a whole new ballgame for Anna but still leaves her time to pursue her passion. She does commissions and has a number of pieces for sale on display at the shop.

Bob - Greeter, Security Guard, Mascot. Bob plays a lot of different rolls around the shop. West Highland Terriers or "westies" are known for their enthusiasm and personality so it isn't hard for Bob to do his part.