To place an order call us at 503-282-0332

Welcome to our website. Please take a moment and read our policy page below before calling to place an order. The great majority of your questions will be answered here. Our walk-in and phone ordering hours are 8:00am  4:00pm Pacific Daylight time.


1. To place a buy or sell order call us at 503-282-0332. Tell us how many and the type of coins you are interested in buying or selling. We need your name, address and phone number to complete your order. Prices are locked in & confirmed once you have received a confirmation number. It is VERY IMPORTANT to put the confirmation number on the memo line of your check and also on the outside of the envelope below your return name & address. Failure to do so, can cause your order to be delayed. We reserve the right to have first time buyers wire transfer or overnight funds.


2. Once you place an order and receive a confirmation number you have entered into a legally binding contract. You are required to mail/postmark your check within 24 hours. You cannot change or cancel your order once a confirmation number has been issued. We reserve the right to have all checks sent certified mail. We also reserve the right to request a wire transfer placed the same day as your order.


3. We accept payment in the form of personal checks, cashier checks & Money orders. We accept wire transfers for orders over $15,000.00. We do not accept credit or debit cards, checks by phone or fax or any other form of payment. First time customers will need to provide their check number at the time the order is placed.

4. Make all checks payable to AJPM Broadway  and mail to 1939 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232. Please do not write anything in the endorsement section on the back of your check.


5. Selling to us ? Orders must be postmarked within 24 hours. Once given a confirmation number please call back with the registered tracking number of your package.


6. If you fail to fill out your check properly in any way, we reserve the right to cancel your order or request a new check sent next day at our discretion.

7.  Postage & Shipping fees via United States Postal Service registered mail with insurance:

Gold & Platinum

2-9 oz  $25

10+ oz  Free!


1-499oz  $25

500+   Free!


Other important info:
We have no minimum order other than one coin.
Our sell price is what you may purchase coins for.
Our buy price is what we pay you for your coins.

There is no sales Tax
Payments must be postmarked within 24 hours of confirmation.
Please remember, we never solicit.

Purchases made in store with a personal check will be held 4 business days to allow the check to clear.


Thank-you for taking the time to read this page, we appreciate your business.